A fun, collaborative and intelligent way to find the perfect baby name

  • Find popular or unique baby boy and girl names
  • Find baby name suggestions based on name origin, parent’s names, first letter and characteristics.

Namey helps solve a very real problem: how to choose a name for your baby when there are so many options as well as keen family members offering up their name suggestions.


  • Great App! Love how easy it is to search and save names, and then invite family and friends to vote! Also learnt about my own name in the process!

    astridm88― Apple App Store

  • Worth buying the premium version! I don't usually write reviews but had to make an exception for Namey. Love the clean design, intuitive usability and innovation on the search feature. Three words come to mind - awesome, cool, genius!

    Korrpui― Apple App Store

  • Naming can be fun - Fun and easy to use, I liked the suggestions and the look and feel of the user interface as I moved from saved names to my polls. Definitely one for the family to play with and get involved. Well Done!

    DrueWeezy― Apple App Store

  • Great tool - It seems quite advanced.. interesting way to find baby names.

    Sivakumar Raju― Apple App Store

  • Very easy to use, relevant to present day and age and a simple yet sophisticated display!

    Saif Khan― Google Play Store

  • I personally enjoy and appreciate this app because it allows me to find meaningful baby names by origins and letters and so on. The best part is to create polls with selected baby names and share it on social media and my contacts. Good job!

    Hitesh Parekh― Google Play Store

  • This app is really easy to navigate and a great way to search a meaningful name. Excellent app would highly recommend.

    Hasina Ali― Google Play Store

  • It gives me options I hadn't thought of like doing a poll.

    Harish Medhekar― Google Play Store

  • This app has been very cleverly designed and thought out. I have recommended it to everyone. It's super easy to use and doesn't freeze or crash.

    Jade2110― Apple App Store

  • Great app. The Mrs and I were looking for something that would give us plenty of suggestions for future baby names. This app was fantastic! Allowing me to select by origin such as Persian or even Chinese. I don't usually recommend app but whilst going through the baby naming process, I thought it would be a good idea if an app like this existed, a quick search on the Apple App Store and this was the only app that has exactly what I was looking for!

    Mmaa772409― Apple App Store

  • Used it to name my newborn. Within minutes had a multitude of good names to choose from. Easy to use!

    fhc100― Apple App Store


Find baby names using Namey Lite or Namey

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

“Our mission is to make baby naming a fun, collaborative and intelligent experience that fits in with your digital lifestyle involving the whole family, near and far.”

Namey (£0.99) and Namey Lite (free) are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Get the app on iOS or Android using the links below:

Find baby boy or baby girl names and create polls to share with friends and family

How to use Namey

To find the baby name of your dreams:

  • Enter your unique baby name requirements, like name origin, preferred first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members’ names and let Namey do its smart algorithmic magic to find you relevant and meaningful baby name suggestions from a database of over 25,000 original and traditional baby names.

    • Select the baby names that you love the most from your search results and create polls.

    • Share your polls with friends and family via Facebook or WhatsApp and ask them to vote for the names they love the most.

    • Explore trending names from your shared polls and see who’s voted.

    • Encourage friends and family to send polls of their favourite baby names to you.

    • Find the perfect name for your baby and have fun doing it!

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